House Rules

Some of these things are things I thought were odd, others are things people have suggested that make the game work better.

Gereral notes

The most recent version of any official product, faq, or errata is to be used whenever possible.


  • Superior armor can be purchased for triple cost from a master armorsmith who specializes in that type of armor. Superior armor gains +1 Armor Rating and the comisioner’s choice of either the armor has 1 less Bulk or Decrease the armor’s penalty to Combat Defense by 1.
  • Because a Valarian Steele blade denotes significant status, history, and lineage when the blade is present during an intrigue, and the participants recognize the weapon for what it is, the owner of the blade receives +1 influence on all intrigue challenges.

Noble House Rules

  • Communities are purchased with Population and not Lands: You may have 1 community per domain. The costs are unchanged.Population still modifies the outcome of your House Fortunes. Communities merely dictate how the population of your lands is dispersed amongst your domains.
  • Grasslands and light woods can be purchased so long as the domain also includes a water terrain feature.
  • The Chronicle system supplement OUT of STRIFE, PROSPERITY will be used.
  • When making a House Fortunes roll, the players determine which Resource they are attempting to increase with that roll. On a roll with a positive result, that Resource increases; a negative result causes that Resource to decrease. There is a 50/50 chance that a second random resource will also be affected.

House Rules

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